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blog of comics artist Leinil Francis Yu. Artist of Marvel's Secret Invasion, Wolverine, and Indestructible Hulk. Co-creator of Superior and Supercrooks with the Mighty Mark Millar.

My only full color sketch cover art around. 2011

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How I draw an upshot 

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sample video. profile sketch. real time.

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shaolinfingerjabs asked: Mr. Yu, as an aspiring comic artist I would love to know how you create such beautiful faces and get such absurd detail. Is any of it referenced? Or is it all from imagination and familiarity with the facial structure?

don’t reference!  do as cartoonists do!  draw from memory… Use reference to practice sure…. but memorize and do not depend on them too much

don’t copy photos.  cartoon, not do portraits:) gluck!

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I hate drawing likeness. It’s been a while and I need practice. photo ref googled (Fistful of Dollars).

I hate drawing likeness. It’s been a while and I need practice. photo ref googled (Fistful of Dollars).

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ART AUCTION RESULTS in $5227 usd donations to the Philippine RedCross.

Hello, Everyone!
I’m pleased to announce that our little art commission charity drive is a success!
Huge thanks to our donors who’ve collectively inflated our donations to the Philippine Redcross to $5227 usd or P221,625 Philippine pesos!
I would like to thank these wonderfully generous people who took time and of course money to donate:

Chris Ryall (IDW) P4500 ($106 usd)

Rodney Fuentebella P2500 ($59usd)

Jason Banico P10,000 ($236usd)

Evic Oropilla P2500 ($59usd)

Keith Giles P10,000 ($236usd)

Kar Nim Leong (Malaysia) P10,000 ($236usd)

Dave Pascuito, P5,000 ($118usd)

Jack Fernandez P20,000 ($472 usd)

Kirk Dilbeck’s brother :) P15,688 ($370 usd)

Yu Oyagani P2500 ($59usd)

Edwin Lee P5000 ($118usd)

You folks are awesome! Huge thanks.

and of course our winners of 2 11x17 Commissions!

Martin Tirtawigoena P33,920 ($800usd)
Our friend from Indonesia who initially wanted to be anonymous but I convinced him otherwise! I’ll make sure your Wolverine piece is gonna be sweet! and oh, Happy Birthday!

Miguel Ramos P100,000 ($2358usd)
The man who brought Mark Millar to Manila, of course. Miguel totally floored me when he texted me about it on the second day of our fundraising. Initially wanting anonymity, I had to request full disclosure from him to keep everything transparent:)
I Originally planned to do only 1 commission. Miguel’s insanely generous donation to the Redcross skewed the mechanics drastically, and in a very positive way. I didn’t have the heart to keep on soliciting donations knowing that it was already over and done with on the 2nd day so I decided to award 1 more to still give the other donors a realistic chance, and keep my conscience clear.

It has been a heart warming pleasure, everyone! thanks for the correspondence and immense help to the people who’ve lost literally everything. thanks to all the retweets and reposts, and for telling your friends. You all have huge hearts.


Total P221,625 ($5227)

Ps. If I’ve made a mistake in tallying, misspelled names, or if I missed a donation, please let me know! My complaints department staff will address your concerns as soon as possible. exchange rate used:  $1=P42.4 as per redcross email receipts.

Pps. Thank you to the inventor of spell check.

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